Can you imagine that your own car will spy on each of your movements? And what was this information provided to your bosses and insurance companies in the event of a crash? Well, telematics helps us!

Telematics refers to a method of technology used to monitor a vehicle. From the speed at which it goes, to where it is when combined with a GPS and a wireless network. This method is being used by companies that have fleets of trucks or cars, and is helping many safety managers to be able to monitor workers and identify if they perform any negligent behavior.

Through it you can obtain information on how long it takes each driver to make their route, if they remain long stopped at a specific place, if their gas expense coincides with the route they must take and if they are complying with it. It is a great tool for bosses responsible for the safety and supervision of their drivers, being able to also identify if they face sudden, increased speed, or illegal maneuvers, circumstances that can give them a great opportunity to change negligent behaviors (such as using mobile devices , do not respect traffic signs, etc.), and thus avoid more traffic accidents.

Telematics is also a good tool to train drivers, by allowing someone to “accompany” them during their route and be able to provide feedback and correct unsafe situations and habits.

This not only helps prevent accidents, it is also helpful when there is a dispute during a lawsuit to be able to know who was the responsible party and what exactly happened.

As you can see, it is a great technology that is growing and advancing more and more and that maybe very soon we all have in our cars. In this way, traffic accidents would decrease, there would be more safety on the streets when people were aware that each of their movements can be known, and it would be a great help in a demand process!