Most drivers, and even pedestrians, do not know what to do when they reach an intersection where there are stop signs for 3 or 4 lanes. The reality is that the rules are very simple, there is a need to educate and make people more aware of how to drive safely in these places. Not only are cars at risk when someone stops, but also pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists who can drive.

Just as they would in a street where there was only a single stop sign, the driver must stop and give way to the pedestrian, the only difference is the way in which cars should start moving forward. At these intersections, you not only have to stop, but look around us to see which cars have stopped before us, and if there are pedestrians waiting to cross.

Once the people who arrived first have advanced, then we can cross with proper caution, and when no other vehicle or pedestrian is crossing at that time.

Remember the following tips:

– The first to arrive, is the first to pass – The first car that arrives and stops at the intersection should be the first to advance.

– When two vehicles arrive at the same time and are next to each other at an intersection, the car that is more to the right is the one that must advance first. If three cars arrive at the same time, then the third will wait for the first two on his right side to advance before him.

– When two cars arrive at the intersection but are in front of each other, it is important to use the directional ones to know where each vehicle is headed and avoid a crash in case both decide to turn the same way.

– When the two cars are going to turn in the same direction, then the vehicle on the right side will be the first to advance.

Remember to always drive with caution.