Picture this, you and your friends decide to go out on a Friday night and grab a couple of drinks. The bar you choose is roughly 20 blocks away from your home. It is a bit too far to walk comfortably, but also a bit too close to justify the cost of rideshare or parking costs. You decide to ride your bike. You arrive quickly and with minimal effort and when you head home later in the evening a bit tipsy after several cocktails, you could run the risk of a DUI. If you ride your bike while intoxicated, you will risk getting a CUI (cycling under the influence).

Riding a bike under the influence in Nevada is illegal under Vehicle Code 21200.5. Riding under the influence is not nearly as significant an offense as driving under the influence, but it is still a legal infraction. If you are caught riding under the influence, it can be considered a misdemeanor criminal offense. It carries a maxim fine of $250, but no jail time. 

Additionally, if you are profoundly and obviously intoxicated, you can be charged with public drunkenness. Drunk riders can also be charged for violations related to the state of their bike. For example, if you are riding at night without proper lights and reflectors, you can be charged with riding an improperly equipped bicycle.

Riding under the influence also increases a rider’s risk of serious injury by an astounding 2000%. Intoxicated riders are less likely to obey cycling laws, are more likely to skip wearing a helmet, and often experience balance and judgment issues. Riding a bike while intoxicated puts both the drunk rider and other bikers and pedestrians on the road at risk.

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