Announced over Thursday night and into Friday morning, March 20th, all of Los Angeles County was placed under the new “Safer at Home” order, which mandates the closure of all businesses, which are not essential until at least April 19th. This situation could be extended if necessary, in an attempt to stop the spread of the COVID-19.

The directive applies to all of Los Angeles County, although the city of Los Angeles has issued its own, slightly more restrictive order.

 These are the limitations imposed by the county:

– Shopping centers, shopping malls, playgrounds, and “non-essential retail businesses” are required to close.

– Public and private meetings with more than ten people are prohibited.

*In the city of Los Angeles, the limitations are stricter due to the high number of people residing there. 

– Meetings with more than five people are prohibited, although they do not apply to private homes.

– Gyms will remain closed.

– Bars are completely closed, except for to-go food orders.

– Restaurants cannot provide any dine-in services.

– Golf courses will remain closed.

– Theaters will remain closed.

– Outdoor events held in open spaces are still permitted, albeit with significant restrictions: Attendees must be at least 6 feet apart, and hand-washing facilities with soap and water or hand sanitizers must be present. There should also be warning notices for those who should not attend if they have a cough or fever.

What you can still do:

– Go for a walk, run, bike ride, and other activities as long as you stay at least 6 feet away from other people at all times.

– Order from restaurants that offer takeout, delivery, or drive-thru food.

– Continue to receive mail, including packages from Amazon and other online retailers. 

– You can leave your home to shop at essential businesses, including banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, and hardware stores. 

– You can go to a public laundry facility.

It is not clear what the consequences will be for those who do not abide by this order.