Every year, thousands of people are injured or even die, from dangerous and defective products ranging from cars, hazardous toys, appliances, industrial equipment, drugs, and medical devices. Deaths, injuries and property damage from consumer product incidents cost the country more than $700 billion annually, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Most people assume that everyday consumer goods, from cars to medicines, appliances, toys, tools, and other everyday household products, are carefully tested and approved by the manufacturer and the government. But design issues, insufficient warnings, and manufacturing defects can usually make safe items dangerous and sometimes even deadly. Persons injured or deceased as a result of defective products can hold the manufacturer responsible under the law. This area of ​​the law is commonly known as the “Product Liability Law.”

Most product defects are discovered long before they cause injury to someone. It is vital to report defective products to the government and the manufacturer to alert others to the potential dangers it represents.

When a manufacturer fails to take the necessary care to provide a reasonably safe product, the result is often catastrophic life-long injuries to the unsuspecting user. If a defective or dangerous product has injured you, filing a lawsuit against the negligent party will not only benefit and protect you, but also compel the manufacturer to design a safer product so that others can avoid similar injuries.

Pursuing litigation against a manufacturer or pharmaceutical company is a long and arduous process. Many of the people injured (or who have lost a loved one) as a result of a defective medicine, product, car, toy, or medical device, do so because they are motivated by the desire to improve or remove the product from the market and prevent their use from harming others. 

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