Picture this, you are driving down the freeway or the Pacific Coast Highway at 50 mph, the sun is shining, and the road is clear enough that you can cruise right along to your destination. It’s a perfect driving day. You are in a wonderful mood and decide to listen to a little music. Unfortunately, the stereo in your car is broken. Most drivers would turn to a set of headphones or earbuds, but that would be a mistake.

First of all, wearing a headset or earbuds in both ears while driving in Nevada is actually against the law, but beyond that, it is simply not a safe practice.

Headphones and earbuds are great for drowning out the noise in a busy office or working out at the gym, but ironically the exact feature that makes them appealing in those situations makes them dangerous in the car or around cars.

A huge part of driving safely is keeping aware of ambient noise and car radios are much less likely to block out ambient noise. Think about it, if you cannot hear that funny sound your tire starts to make, you may not have time to pull over before a tire blowout.

Similarly, if an ambulance or another emergency vehicle is approaching you from behind and you don’t hear it, you will not be able to get out of their way in time, and you may cost them precious seconds or worse another accident.

In addition to ignoring ambient noise, drivers listening to loud music have been known to become so distracted that they ignore basic traffic signals. By this logic, a distracted driver is more likely to run a stop sign and cause an accident while wearing headphones or wireless earbuds than without them.

If you wind up in an accident either while you are wearing headphones or while another driver was wearing headphones, you will need an excellent personal attorney working in your best interests.

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