If you have ever been injured at the hands of another party’s negligence, you understand how frightening and frustrating it can be. For example, let’s say that you were riding your bike and were struck by a driver who was not paying attention and drifted into the bike lane.

You were knocked to the ground and sustained road rash and a fractured wrist. In this instance, you will likely feel anger towards the driver who should have been paying attention, fear about your recovery, and frustration over not being able to perform your job at full capacity due to your injuries.

This is why you want to hire a personal injury attorney.

A personal injury attorney can help you to navigate this tricky situation. They are your ally following a personal injury accident and will work hard to protect your rights and get you full compensation.

Following the example outlined above, they will collect evidence proving that the driver was inattentive and evidence to prove your injuries were the direct result of the driver’s negligence, even if you have a pre-existing condition. Personal injury lawyers will help to protect your rights as a bike rider. Next, they will handle all negotiations for you. They will work with the insurance companies involved, work with your medical providers and calculate the damages you are entitled to as an injured party.

A personal injury attorney will ensure that you receive compensation for your medical bills, your time away from work, your lost future wages, and your pain and suffering.

Lastly, the attorney will communicate with you regularly and guide you through the entire claims and legal process. Personal injury attorneys understand that victims are often fearful and confused, which is why a reasonable attorney will stay in close contact with their clients, helping them feel secure and confident.

So if you or a loved one were injured in an accident caused by someone else, call Karns & Karns in for help and representation. We will secure your legal rights and fight for maximum compensation. We specialize in personal injury cases and will not rest until you are on the road to recovery, both physically and financially.