Cyclists are one of the most vulnerable people we can find in our streets. Although several safety programs have been implemented to protect them and thus reduce the number of accidents and deaths, it has been unfortunately observed that instead of going down, they have been increasing.

But why this? What happens that we cannot keep cyclists safe in our city?

The factors are several, from a lack of infrastructure in our city to give a safe space to these people, to different negligent behaviors by drivers such as driving distracted, drunk or under the influence of any substance, not obeying the traffic laws, etc.

Increasingly we can observe in the streets exclusive lanes for cyclists, signs to yield or slow down, however, none of this has been enough to attack the problem.

As long as car drivers still have no consideration and care for people on the road, there will be no measure that can prevent such accidents. And no, not even wearing a helmet prevents a fatality from happening or not. It is also important to remember that there are now cars that are getting bigger on our highways.

Americans love trucks and SUVs, and while they can offer greater protection to passengers inside, it is not the case for people on the streets.

Little by little, new measures are being implemented according to the Vision Zero program that has been adopted in several of our cities. However, the process is slow and is hampered by situations faced by our political leaders, such as the reluctance of certain people to eliminate parking spaces or lanes in exchange for greater security for cyclists.

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