Motorcycles are fast, practical and exciting, especially in a city like ours where traffic is continuously heavy and it is attractive to use this much easier way to get around. But really, how safe is it to ride a motorcycle?

We have to consider first that between the motorcyclist and the road there is absolutely no protection like in a car, and many times the motorcyclists get fired from their motorcycle and end up crashing against the asphalt, which can end in a series of grave injuries

In the second place and unfortunately, the other drivers are not cautious enough when it comes to taking care of the motorcyclists with whom they specify the road, and many times they do not even make sure that a vehicle of this type comes next to them at the moment. of turning or changing lanes.

Here are some of the most common causes that cause motorcycle accidents:

–         Excess speed: as in any other type of accident, speeding is always and will be a determining factor for a fatal outcome.

–         Driving while intoxicated: Both drivers are responsible for not mixing the steering wheel with alcoholic beverages, their combination is lethal.

–         Stop abruptly: Any driver can decide to stop repenting and without any warning to the driver behind, this always ends badly.

–         Inexperienced drivers: They can make mistakes that can put at risk not only their safety but that of the people around them.

–         Open doors: An absurd, but common mistake. People who cannot find another vehicle come before opening the door of their car.

–         Dangerous weather conditions of the road: when a road is not in good condition, or when the weather conditions are extreme, the road can become a difficult test to keep a salvage.

Motorcycles, like any other vehicle, need constant maintenance. Any failure in this or one of its parts can be dangerous.